Restaurant Review. Pastificio Defilippis in Torino, Italy, Via Lagrange

Pastificio Defilippis in Torino, Italy, Via Lagrange

We have been in this historical pasta restaurant in Turin, North West Italy, recently and would like to share the experience we had.

Just out of the door we were immediately greeted by the chief waiter and I must say the staff were extremely friendly and attentive the whole our visit. The restaurant was almost completely full on a week night, showing that the well-established restaurant keeps its vibe. The booking of a table is highly advisable. The waiters could speak the fluent French and English, that may be one of the many reasons the place is so popular with foreigners.

The Pastificio is primarily famous for its pasta dishes. If you go there for nothing else, some of their pasta selection need to be tasted. The place offers a good range of lasagna, spaghetti, gnocchi, tortellini, tajarin; all of them of many varieties daily.

For the starters we ordered a Parmesan tart made with eggs, which came together with some pumpkin sauce that even my son ate (!), gently steamed broccoli and purple potato chips, which made the dish gorgeous as well as yummy.


Needless to say, all the pasta are freshly prepared and delicious! One of the best pasta you will ever find in Turin! This time around we went for a plate of small dumplings from Piemonte “Agnolotti del Plin”  with beef mince which kept up the mark!

The biggest surprise was the second main course, the slow-cooked pig leg with apple sauce. The leg was huge, and so well cooked, the soft and delicious meat melting in the mouth! That it could easily compete with London restaurants holding Michelin stars.

In the red wines selection were available Nebbiolo and Barbera d’Asti, some of my favourite ones, of which I remained very pleased. The wines are possible to take in a carafe (or a half-bottle) size, metà bottiglia, how they would say in Italian.

If you come with small children, like we did, the adjustable baby high chair is provided, and also there is a baby changing area on site.

Overall, I highly recommend a visit here if you are ever for an evening in Turin.

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