Muslim butcher and Halal Food

A new video about Muslim Halal Food in Bangkok will go live soon on the channel. Out of curiosity I have made a few searches on the matter of Halal food and Muslim Halal meat.

The new video is here:

miniatura 3_edited

miniatura 2

And here is another video of the Muslim wet market in Singapore:

Halal is Arabic for “allowed”. Halal food is that which conforms to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran.The Islamic form of slaughtering animals requires killing through a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe.

Animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all blood is drained from the carcass. During the process, a Muslim will recite a dedication, known as tasmiya or shahada.

There are varying standards of Halal due to different understandings of Islamic Law by Islamic Scholars. This is why you will find multiple Halal certifiers in a locality.

In terms of food/food products, halal meat products – except pork — which is not permissible in Islam – they have to be sourced from healthy animals and slaughtered according to Islamic ways, these include several factors:

  • The animal has to be alive and healthy.
  • A Muslim has to perform the slaughter in an appropriately ritual manner – including in the name of Allah.
  • The animal’s throat must be cut by a sharp knife severing the carotid artery, jugular vein and windpipe in a single swipe.
  • Blood must be drained out of the carcass.
  • Produced without any forbidden ingredients (see above)
  • Proven to be in the interest of the consumer’s health and well being
  • Must be clean and hygienic

Have supply chain integrity, forbidden ingredients in halal foods include the following:

  • Dead or dying animals prior to slaughter
  • Blood and blood byproducts
  • Carnivorous animals
  • Birds of prey
  • Land animals without external ears
  • Animals killed in the name of anything other than Allah

Attempts have been made to explain or justify some of the prohibitions based on scientific reasoning as follows:

  • Carrion and dead animals are unfit for human consumption because the decaying process leads to the formation of chemicals which are harmful to humans
  • Blood that is drained from the body contains harmful bacteria, products of metabolism, and toxins
  • Swine serves as a vector for pathogenic worms to enter the human body. Infections by Trichinella spiralis and taenia solium are not uncommon. Fatty acids and composition of pork fat have been mentioned as incompatible with human fat and biochemical systems
  • Intoxicants are considered harmful for the nervous system and affect human judgement, leading to social and family problems and in many cases even death.

Although these explanations are sound, the underlying principle behind the prohibitions remains that it is a commandment of Allah (God).

Islamic Jurisprudence has derived certain principles from the Hadith to determine whether a particular animal or bird is lawful or unlawful.

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